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Top Vape Flavors to Try

Vape Flavors to Look for Once You Visit a Vaporizer Store

When you vape, you know that the flavors are essential. Once you find the right setup, your hunt for your all-day-vape can start. You should find the flavor that you wouldn’t get tired of, you can carry your favorite vape flavor all day. There are so many flavors to choose from a vaporizer store, you should be able to find the right vape for you. Here are the top vape flavors that you might want to try:

Tobacco Flavor

This type of vape juice is extracted from flue-cured tobacco grown leaves. This one has no diacetyl. It recreates that sweet and nutty flavor from Virginia tobacco. It will give you that fresh pack of smoke smell. You should try to look for this at your favorite vaporizer store.

Coffee Flavor

This flavor is a classic, great for those who love the smell of a good cup of coffee. Not only that it smells like coffee, but it also tastes like gourmet coffee. Once you puff this smoke, you can taste a blast of espresso and steamed milk with crushed hazelnuts.

Cereal Flavor

If you love cereal, then this is definitely for you. This one has its unique take on loop cereal which has a perfect balance of tartness and cream. For cereal lovers, you can have a breakfast taste anytime you take your vape breaks.

Doughnut Strawberry Flavor

This one has a taste of warm, fried powdered doughnut that has that sweet strawberry jelly that you can taste in the middle of an actual doughnut. If you like the taste of sweet thick strawberry jellies, you’ll love the doughnut flavor as you puff your e-cigar.

Lemon Tart Dessert Flavor

This is the ultimate dessert vape flavor which has a full-bodied taste that will remind you of a lemon meringue pie. This lemon vape flavor is going to have a sweet distinct flavor that has that baked pie crust smell as well.

The next time that you want to try a new vape flavor, you can look for a new one from Vape Cigar by SM. Our vaporizer store in Winchester, VA has numerous flavors to choose from. To reach us, dial (540) 228-9960.