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Just Starting to Vape?

Standard Vape Shop Prices for Beginners

If you are seriously considering giving up smoking and taking to the Vape, then you need to read the blog of Vape Cigar by SM now on what your initial outlay costs will be when you pay your first visit to a vape shop, which, by the way, will cost you a great deal less than cigarettes!

Vape prices are often the first thing that people think about when they consider the costs involved with vaping. There are other costs, both real and unseen. People might not think about them, to begin with, however, they will present themselves later. Whether people vape e-liquid, herbs CBD or concentrates, there is more to the costs of vaping than money!

The Costs of Starting

There are different ways people start vaping, and it usually begins with a starter kit. Starter kits contain all the tools and accessories required to start vaping, including batteries, chargers, tanks, coils, and sometimes, e-juice.

The cost of these starter kits does vary, as each one has its own set of differences. The most basic kit will contain the following:

  • A battery
  • A removable and refillable pod or tank
  • A charger

These starter kits range from $15 and $50.

For example, The Juul starter kit is one of the most popular pod vapes, and retails at about $20 and will include:

  • a pod vape
  • four e-liquid filled pods
  • and a charger

There are many vapes such as this, which are commonly referred to as pod mods. These types of vapes have taken the place of the glass tank-and-battery combos. The new generation of starter kits is smaller, more portable, and discreet.

They also do not resemble a cigarette. These vapes are more futuristic in their design and often have no buttons to press.

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