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Looking for the best possible nicotine salts? You’re in the right place! Vape Cigar by SM is a trusted and reliable cigar and vape shop in Winchester, VA, and one of the products that we offer is nic salt juice kits. Contact us if you are ready to explore the world of nic salts and enjoy the benefits that they have to offer!

What Are Nic Salts?

Nicotine salts are complex compounds that contain salt-based nicotine. They are similar to freebase nicotine (the ingredient that’s commonly used in conventional e-liquids) since both contain pure nicotine, which is obtained from natural tobacco leaves. However, what sets nic salts apart is that they contain benzoic acid.

This chemical lowers the pH levels of nicotine and reduces its alkalinity, which removes the harshness of nicotine and gives it a smoother mouth-feel and throat-hit. By opting to use nic salts, you’ll deal with less throat irritation while enjoying a smoother and more pleasant smoking experience.

Benzoic acid also allows nicotine to be effectively burned at a high concentration even at lower temperatures. This means that, even if you have a simple, low-power vape pen, you’ll get to enjoy an optimal smoking experience when you pair the device with nic salts.

Our Commitment to Quality

Here at Vape Cigar by SM, we obtain our nic salts from dependable manufacturers and suppliers that are known for their excellent product quality. So, when you decide to purchase from us, you’re assured that you’ll receive world-class nicotine salts that are made of pure and safe ingredients. Of course, you’re confident that you’re getting excellent value for money and that you’ll enjoy a fantastic smoking experience.

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If you’re ready to purchase nic salts, reach out to Vape Cigar by SM today or drop by our vape shop in Winchester, VA. You can also give us a call at (540) 228-9960 if you’d like to get more information about our nic salt juice products.