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A Cigar Shop’s Tips on What Makes a Good Cigar

Only Want to Smoke the Best Cigars?  

If you are looking for a reputable cigar shop, it helps to understand what makes a quality cigar. The following are a few pointers that will give you the edge.

Ask any cigar expert what makes a good cigar, and you will receive a variety of answers. However, the overall consensus is the two main components that make a good cigar is tobacco and the cigar’s construction. If you have had the misfortune of smoking a fake Cuban cigar, you will know exactly what a bad cigar tastes like. For a cigar novice, the variety of cigars on the market today can be confusing as there is a massive variety of sizes, brands, and flavors. Prices can range from a couple of dollars to around $30 US dollars and upwards for a good cigar.

The construction, as mentioned above, of the cigar, is important as it aids in the taste and draw of a cigar. When a cigar is made with fewer leaves in the filler, then it can be smoked easily, which is not always be a good thing. “Underfilled” means that when you draw on it, your cigar will burn faster; this is often due to too many air pockets in the cigar.

Overfill a cigar, and it is harder to draw a smooth smoke from. So, the correct amount of filler in the construction makes up for a good cigar. Also, when properly lit, a good cigar will burn evenly. If one doesn’t burn evenly, then the rolling process is of inferior quality.

Another sign of a good cigar will be found in its ash. You should be able to smoke a cigar without having to tip the ash frequently. A good cigar should have a springy yet firm feel and feel smooth to the touch. Lastly, a good cigar should have only one shade of leaves covering it.

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